Wouldn't want any bad blood between us: Malala jokes about getting Beyonce, Taylor Swift tickets.

Malala Yousafzai, the activist for girls' education who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014, is both a Swiftie and a Beyhive. When given a scenario to choose between Taylor Swift and Beyonce, the activist joked that she deserves tickets to both.

Malala made an appearance on the comedy podcast, Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me, where author and comedian Josh Gondelman gave her a rather 'tough' scenario: If her Nobel Peace Prize came with free concert tickets, would she want to see Beyonce or Taylor Swift? After thinking for a bit, the Nobel Prize Laureate said that she would want both. 'When I was little, I used to, like, sing the Love Story song together with my friends. It was one of the first two songs we started singing back in Pakistan. And Beyonce, I mean, she's a legend, so I would want both tickets,' she said.

'I have the Nobel Peace Prize and I demand both,' she added as the audience laughed.

After the podcast episode aired, she retweeted a Swift fan account tweet, and wrote, 'I would never want any bad blood between us,' a nod to Swift's 2014 song Bad Blood.

In the same interview, Malala also spoke about how she was in her chemistry class when she found out about winning the Nobel Prize. Upon whether there was ever a time when she wasn't peaceful, the activist...

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