World Cup: Shoaib Malik once again advises Babar Azam to leave captaincy.

LAHORE -- Former Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik, once again, has advised skipper Babar Azam to give up the captaincy and play as a player for the team, after Pakistan lost to India on October 14.

During his appearance on a private TV show, Malik responded to a question during the show, saying: "I have a sincere opinion for Babar, which I have shared before, that Babar should leave the captaincy."

He went on to clarify that he holds such an opinion for Babar, not because Pakistan lost to India nor is it because the team lost by a big margin, but he believes the 29-year-old captain performs better without the captaincy.

He said: "There is some homework that I have done based on which Babar as a cricketer can deliver amazing performances for himself and the team."

Malik said that Babar as a leader "doesn't think out of the box" and that "no cricketer should mix...

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