Woman who insulted traffic cop filmed calling other women 'maasi'.

A woman who was caught on camera threatening an on-duty traffic policeman in Karachi after she was stopped by him over traffic rules violation last year has surfaced again, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

A recent video shows the same woman involved in an argument with some other women whose faces are not visible but can be overheard in the video engaged in a squabble.

The woman who was recorded in the past abusing the traffic policeman was heard using highly offensive expletives as the women recording her keep saying that they have recognized her from her past exploits which became mainstream news in the month of November, last year.

In rebuttal, the woman who had butted heads with a traffic policeman in the past starts to call the woman behind the camera a 'Massi' (domestic help) in a derogatory way.

Another woman who can be heard from behind the lens of the camera and sounds elderly is also called out by the enraged female who resorts...

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