Will elections be panacea for all issues?

ISLAMABAD -- The counAtry's histoAry is strewn with politiAcal upheaval, as barely any election remained controversial.

The upcoming genAeral elections in PakiAstan, which are still unAsure to be held as per the given schedule, will undoubtedly be interesting and different from previous in some perspectives.

The continuation of romance between arch-rivals [PML-N and PPPP], seat adjustments, planning to hold polls on the same day and planning of 'poAlitical migratory birds' are the main questions - which would start unfolding in the days to come. The province of Punjab, undoubtedly pivotal in creatAing impact on overall elections, has fixed April 30 as the polling day. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, with its continuous mantra, has unrelentingly been establishAing that the general polls would only be a panacea of all the trouAbles in the country.

The PDM's government is seemingly confused to confront Imran Khan in elections with its present alliance or by adopting some other political strategy.

The unexpected announceAment of inviting applications for Punjab and KPK polls is beAing considered as a shift in poAlitical tide. The ruling party [PML-N] was earlier unwilling to take part in the polls [PunAjab Assembly and by-elections in National Assembly]. PolitiAcal observers view that the sudAden decision of the ruling party [PML-N] has clearly indicated confusion in its ranks. Major players of PML-N in their recent statements have shown unwillAingness to conduct polls even after the Supreme Court's clear verdict on it.

On the other hand, the fate of general polls in the two provAinces is still doubtful as the relAevant quarters are not giving green signal to the top elecAtoral body despite clear orders of the apex court. Both the FiAnance Ministry and Interior Ministry, according to the inAsiders, have not assured their cooperation to ensure conAducting polls on separate dates in different provinces. The exApected expenditures for the upcoming polls in Punjab and KP are not less than Rs20 bilAlion whereas the affordability in the...

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