Will UN ban white supremacist groups?


Byline: Yasir Habib Khan

Contrary to Islamic state of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) and other banned outfits, the United Nations (UN) has never proscribed any outfits indulged in promoting white supremacy despite their growing terror activities causing massive bloodshed globally. It seems chillingly weird but as matter of fact it is true.

Why did UN turn a blind eye towards them? How have these extremist groups, killing people in the name of race, religion, nationalism, colour, been working with impunity? How have these fascist factions managed to remain out of sight of various international organisations including the UN? Who are their kingpins and godfathers? Who finances these racist organisations? What are the future targets of these supremacist groups? How much do they pose a threat to regional and global peace, like Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) did? Are there any global coordinated efforts to contain them? Like these there are plenty of questions international community has been asking.

Fortunately the time has arrived to do a reality check responding to these queries. The heart-wrenching tragedy of Christchurch terror attack has woken up world from its deep slumber. A number of countries have been putting their heads together to zero in on ideology and functionality of far-right groups in a bid to track down their origins and endemic spread.

It appears that as international pressure intensifies, UN may be taking stock of situation to mend its way. Being cognizant of situation, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed his views on rise of anti-Muslim hatred, anti-Semitism and bigotry during his visit to a New York Islamic Center.

Though he did not identify threat of white supremacy but citied that 'hate speech is spreading like wildfire.' This sounds to be covert admission that may lead to UN policy maker to treat such groups like ISIL and other defunct outfits.

After Christchurch terror attack killing 50 Muslim worshipers, it has happened first time that UN is drafting an action plan to support efforts to protect religious sites around the world.

White supremacists have penetrated different parts of the world. Their organisations remained active with different names and are still very active in their spheres.

In New Zealand, they are Right Wing Resistance and New Zealand National Front. Australia has Antipodean Resistance, Australians Against Further Immigration, Australia First Party, Australian Nationalist Movement...

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