Widow with 9 dauthers on hunger strike against no govt jobs for educated daughters.

HYDERABAD -- Mst Malookan Sirai resident of Badin has been observing hunger strike in front of press club here against government of Sindh apathy to provide jobs to her educated daughters. She said her daughters have been educated to graduation and masters but Sindh government has never cared to provide jobs to her daughters who happen to be most needy. She told that few years back she had observed hunger strike in front press club Hyderabad for same purpose. PPP leader ( now health minister Ms. Faryal Talpur had assured of jobs upon her assurance she had called off hunger strike.

PPP leaders Hina Dastgir, Sanam Talpur and Adi Zahida had also assured them of govt jobs for her daughters but since then PPP govt of Sindh has taken no step but totally forgot and ignored them and that govt has not provided job to...

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