Who is Sher Nawaz Khan, PPP asks govt.

ISLAMABAD -- Secretary Information Pakistan People's Party Parliamentarians Dr Nafisa Shah Thursday asked Chairman National Accountability Bureau and Prime Minister Imran Khan who is Sher Nawaz Khan, what is he accused of and what is his connection with a federal minister?

Speaking at a news conference here, Nafisa Shah said that on social media, a journalist who cannot file news item due to 'censors' has with evidences uploaded a case of massive corruption and money laundering by a cabinet minister. 'This post is doing rounds and people of Pakitan have a right to know the entire corruption story,' she contended.

Chief Media coordinator to the Chairman PPP Nazir Dhoki and Media coordinator to the President PPPP Wasif Syed were also present in the news conference.

Nafisa Shah said that the government should extend congratulations to Narendra Modi Sarkar on winning elections in India because Imran Khan had claimed that Kashmir issue will be resolved if Modi wins the elections. 'Now Imran Khan should approach Modi and resolve the issue,' she demanded.

The PPP leader said that Imran Khan and his cabinet members were a bunch of tax evaders and are involved in massive corruption. 'Without taking any names she said that Defence Minister, Aviation Minister, Information Minister, Minister for Planning, Advisor on Commerce, Minister for provincial coordination and Minister for water resources all are involved in massive corruption but NAB is unmoved. NAB is only a tool for victimising opposition parties specially the leadership of PPP,' she said.

Shah said that Imran Khan has taken so many U turns that now one loses the track of his u-turns. From claiming that he will not approach IMF to taking loans from every friendly country his u-turns are numerous. Imran Khan has got oil...

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