When crisis is mismanaged...

'The PDM leaders - including Nawaz Sharif who remains absconding in London - are least concerned whether the Constitution is desecrated, state institutions are destroyed or even Pakistan Army earns a bad name. They are looking for their vested interests of saving the looted wealth alone,' alleged former PM and PTI chairman Imran Khan in a video link speech on May 17.

Never ever in its history has Pakistan come across such serious economic, political and judicial crises, exposing the fragility of our state institutions to manage the dangerous situation.

The humiliation being caused to the Chief Justice of Pakistan and his fellow judges by the sitting Prime Minister and his cabinet is unprecedented. Resolution after resolution passed by the parliament against judiciary means the rule of law has dwindled. The situation is worse than the PML-N-instigated attack on the Supreme Court building in November 1997. Defiance showed by the ministries of finance, defence and interior on assisting the holding of Punjab Assembly elections on May 14 as ordered by the Supreme Court is unprecedented, and so is the failure of the election commission to take a firm stand on making election arrangements on the scheduled date.

The tussle between the PTI and the coalition government reminds one the situation which emanated as a result of the general elections held in March 1977. Nine political parties had formed Pakistan National Alliance (PNA) to contest elections against PPP. Agitation against the government of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto launched by PNA continued for several months till the time Martial Law was imposed on July 5, 1977. It seems history is repeating itself after 46 years as PTI is confronting all political parties whose common enemy is Imran Khan. Likewise, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was the PNA's common enemy. The 1977 crisis was mismanaged and resulted into the imposition of the country's longest Martial Law. The prevailing crisis too has the potential to lead to a civil war if not a martial law.

What will be the outcome of prevailing crisis in the country? Will Imran Khan who claims massive popular support relegate or sustain his principled stand that free and fair elections should be held at the earliest? Will superior judiciary take a stand against the harassing tactics of staging a sit-in outside the Supreme Court on May 16? Will the coalition government survive despite its assault on the Supreme Court? Will Pakistan descend into another phase of...

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