'Welcome back to purana Pakistan': The power may be out but Pakistani Twitter's humour is not.

If you woke up today to complete darkness and a sense of itching familiarity, you're not alone. This is no deja vu, dear reader, we've been here before. A massive power outage grips parts of Pakistan at the moment and Pakistanis - at least the lucky ones who charged their devices - are getting through it, fuelled by memes.

The power breakdown was reported on Monday morning after the frequency of the national grid decreased, according to the Ministry of Energy. Though the promise of power restoration within 12 hours lurks nearby, netizens are not at ease and they're taking to Twitter to vent out their frustration, cloaked in humour.

To be fair though, did we ever leave?

Aye, we feel your pain.

What a way to start the week.

The conundrum...

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