War Crimes.

The United Nations report on the murder of Palestinian journalist is finally out, and unsurprisingly, the investigation points to Israel deliberately killing Shireen Abu Aqla. As was evident for all those except stakeholders willingly looking to obfuscate facts, Israeli forces were the only ones who fired live rounds in the altercation. The investigation also reveals that the shot was fired with the intent to kill the journalist, who was wearing a bulletproof vest with the word 'Press' clearly written.

At this point, it is not shocking that the Israeli state continues to commit one war crime after another-against Palestinians, journalists and anyone else willing to stand against the injustice-but the fact that the world continues to look the other way. What is worse is that this is not the only incident of attacks against journalists by the apartheid state in recent times. Al Jazeera's building was bombed last year, and this was declared an 'accident' by Israel.

Al Jazeera, the employer of Ms Abu Aqla, has now decided to move the International Criminal Court (ICC) for both these cases. What effect this will have beyond symbolic censure is debatable, considering that the apartheid state refuses to...

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