Voting System On National Elections.

A democratic country runs by the decisions of the public where the public, is free to elect any national political party to rule the country. In such countries, political leaders are elected by the voting system. Elections are conducted after every five years and people of the age 18 or older have political the right to vote in favour of any political party. People give vote throughout the country but some people do not vote as per their choice.

It is believed that the voting system is a good way to elect any political party to rule the country. On a national level, to elect the legislators' members of the lower house (Parliament of Pakistan), ministers are elected by the public and the head of the government Prime Minister, is elected by the majority of members of the national assembly. What's more, anybody having the nationality of Pakistan can take part in politics, it does not matter, what background he/she belongs to , and members of the upper house (Senate), are the legislators of the provincial assembly.

In Pakistan, elections are conducted by the Election Commission of Pakistan(ECP) and is a constitutional-based established institution. Throughout the country, it is the ECPs' responsibility to conduct elections peacefully, make polling centres in the...

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