Visiting a Psychologist: Cultural Myths.

Byline: Sidra Naz

It is the era of education, technology and awareness where people are concerned about their day to day lives. People who are inquisitive are turned to google everything which is bothering them or even if it is interesting for them. Though it is the time of modernism, still there exist fundamental beliefs where the technology and facts are not enough to change thinking patterns. It is not only that one who suffers from a physical illness starts searching about illness to know mechanism of his physical illness, but also those who suffer from mental illness do the same.

No matter how much people are seeking help from Psychologists, Counselors or psychotherapist, but still there are some myths which create hindrance for the people to seek counselling. These myths matter from culture to culture, person to person as well as family norms either living in joint family system or nuclear. Myths and misconception about Mental Health practitioner are creating a scary image of the psychologist in people's mind and such perception is prevailing in society.

Problem is that these myths prevent people from seeking help even though they are suffering from Mental Health issues such as relationship issues, self-image issues, emotional issues, behavioral issues, occupational distress and so on. Here are some common myths which are controlling the people's attitude towards psychology or Psychologist:

  1. Only crazy people see Therapist

    As are the some of the physical pain or illnesses are inevitable and there is no way except seeing a Doctor to be treated, so are the emotional and psychological pains are where it is not about being crazy if you see a Psychotherapist. In fact, it is true strength to ask for help because mental health determines quality of your physical health. If emotional distress is not treated, it comes out in the form of physical disturbance such as Headache, muscles tension, panic attacks, weakness, sleepdisturbance and disturbed eating habits.

  2. If you don't start feeling better,It's not Working

    Patience and consistency are needed especially when it comes to treat mental health issues. People are tending to numb, a lot painful feeling and experiences are buried deep down and people are tending to involve in temporary things such as use of drugs, food, TV, Sex etc in order to escape from those emotions and pain. But in order to heal that pain, one has to uncover the wound, digging the true cause, experiencing that pain...

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