Victim of his mdreams!


Pakistan is one country in the world where far too many cooks spoil the broth. A small country once on the up, drowned, destroyed by its own producers. It's geo - political importance in the region helped its strong organised enemies to easily infiltrate poison of bifurcation into feeble brains, where greed superseded God. In a society divided by cultural, social and most importantly religious fanaticism, it was only a matter of time when nation crumbled to its feet.

It would be a huge folly to buy the concept that external forces played the devils part. Absolute obsolete argument where blame game is excessively used and abused to shift responsibilities! We invited our enemies to come and operate and dissect the organs of state spreading cancerous virus of greed, which swallowed the government departments one by one, with ease and effortless intervention!

This article is viciously honest and full of love for my motherland. It is written with the wounded heart, bleeding now from every organ of its weak feeble body! Hence the honesty may cost, but my love for my motherland and no cost is too big when it comes to our honour and dignity!

It's easy to blame politicians, even easier to blame Army Generals. It will however be a folly to blame an ordinary soldier who enjoys the cardinal role in our defence. Soldier rises to a certain level before wars eat him up, much before he reaches red bips, the red army dressed in green armour!

It's the Generals and their selections, unabated interference in political arena which result in huge costs, defeats in socio, economic and cultural fields, giving birth to economic disparities. It has ripped the nation apart, torn its geographical boundaries, cut its political structure and destroyed its economy to pieces.

Being a student of socio-economic development, it can be stated with confidence that economy of a country is so sensitive that it takes big leaps and steep falls even with the wind blowing a piece of paper in the wrong direction!

General Sahibzada Yaqub Ali Khan, remained Foreign Minister, General Reza remained Foreign Secretary in Bhutto days. And now General Qamar shuttle diplomacy vis a vis Iran, Pakistan, USA Saudi Arabia, wasted huge time and money, with no evident results beneficial to the state of Pakistan!

Khan has lost the plot and ignored the seriousness and dangers of internal dirty politics now swelling like a Sherman tank!

For all the sins of khan, Military bureaucracy, which by...

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