US largest provider of grant-based support to Pakistan.


ISLAMABAD -- The United States is the largest provider of grant-based support to the government of Pakistan, the US embassy said yesterday. A US embassy statement said for over 70 years, America had partnered with Pakistan to further Pakistan's development priorities, including in energy, health care for vulnerable populations, women's empowerment, education and teacher training, support to law enforcement, and private sector development. 'To showcase the many facets of America's commitment to Pakistan, the US Mission to Pakistan launched a new social media campaign and hashtag today: #Partners4Prosperity. Over the next six months, the Mission will use its social media platforms to highlight key facts and events about the US-Pakistan partnership. We also encourage our Pakistani social media fans to share their perspectives on the U.S.-Pakistan relationship under the hashtag #USPAKStories,' said the statement.

In a New Year's video message released here, US Ambassador Paul Jones said, 'For 72 years, the United States and Pakistan have partnered for the prosperity of our peoples. This six-month campaign will highlight all that we have done - and continue...

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