US Delegation To Arrive In Islamabad Today To Assess Floods' Damages.

ISLAMABAD -- Three member US congressional delegation comAposed of congresswoman Sheila Jackson, conAgressman Tom Suzy, and congressman Alexander N Green will arrive in Islamabad on Sunday (toAday) on a three days official visit for the purpose of seeing and assessing the damages in the flood afAfected areas of Pakistan.

Before departing for Pakistan, Jackson told meAdia at Houston airport that they will take 'all posAsible steps' to help flood victims.

The congresswoman had urged the US to offer help with possible airlifts of food and necessities to isolated and starving people.

'As chair of the Pakistan caucus in the United States Congress, I am heartbroken to see the peoAple of Pakistan suffer, over 1000 dead, with horArific flooding and devastating weather,' she said in her tweet. She said she would be asking the US State...

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