Urdu literature.

Renowned poet, writer, playwright, and columnist Amjad Islam Amjad also passed away at the age of 78. Another era of Urdu literature ended with his death. He was the soul of literary gatherings and the man of Urdu literature. Show your creative colors in many fields of literature. Wrote more than 40 books, translated, wrote columns, earned a reputation as a critic and dramatist, composed ghazals, and was called the imam of modern poetry. When his plays were aired on PTV, there was a stir. Not only in Pakistan but also in India, his plays were watched with such enthusiasm that the streets were deserted, and the markets were deserted. Drama Waris set new popularity records. There was a liveliness and wonder in his nature.

He used to resound with laughter wherever he was at the party. His wit, and humor were well known. His column had freshness and energy. He cultivated a generation through his plays and writings. In recognition of his literary services, he has been honored with...

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