Untimely rains hit farmers hard.


SIALKOT -- Local growers remained unable to sow wheat crop in their fields spreading on thousands of acres due to the ongoing untimely spell of rains.

The situation has badly perturbed the wheat growers. They said that the rainwater was standing their fields, as these fields were low-lying on thousands of the acres along the belt of River Chenab in Sialkot region. They said that this nasty situation has not allowed the growers to cultivate/sow the seasonal wheat crops in these low-lying fields, lying filled with the rainy water. They also said that this season's paddy crops were also lying un-harvested in these fields, which have not yet been removed from there.

A progressive grower Ch Tajammal Hussain said, 'This season of wheat crops cultivation was over now, as there was no possibility for the wheat growers to sow the wheat yield in these fields badly affected with the ongoing spell of untimely heavy rains.'

He said that rainwater was still standing there in these fields, due to which the growers were remained unable to cultivate the wheat crops of this season.

He said that this situation has also put the wheat growers into the severe financial crisis.

He said that as there was no fresh cultivation wheat crops due to which there would be a great shortage of wheat yield in the markets while the prices of the last season's stocked wheat yield will go up besides taking the wheat yield out of the reach of the common man as well.

The farmers living along the River Chenab belt across the Punjab have expressed grave concern over this miserable situation.

They said that the season of wheat crops sowing has now gone, due to which the growers could not sow wheat crops in their fields, on thousands of the acres along with the belt of River Chenab, as these fields were lying filled with the rainy water. They said that this rainy water has badly affected these fields, due to which the growers could not sow wheat.

They perturbed wheat growers said as there was no wheat cultivation this season, this situation would be resulted into the great wheat crisis across the Punjab as well.

The bed of River Chenab at Head Marala near Sialkot was presenting a horrible look these days due to the stoppage of water by India in this river towards Pakistan.

According to the local officials of the Irrigation and Agriculture Departments, confirmed that this prevailing spell of untimely heavy rains has badly affected the fields on the thousands of the acres along the...

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