University politics.

PUNJAB University, the country's oldest university, is in a seriously dismal condition these days. Petty politics that has been the hallmark of university administration, especially when it comes to matters related to the appointments on top slots, is only hurting students on the campus.

Recently, the campus witnessed two student factions settle their mutual scores as the administration looked as helpless as ever. There has been an environment of fear on the campus, with students facing problems in leaving or entering the premises.

The chairman of a student group was arrested from the campus without any formal first information report (FIR), and three leaders of another group were also arrested. This made their supporters furious and they rushed to close canteens and gates of the university, which, as could be expected, only added to the misery of the rest of the students. The two student factions accuse each other of being backed by probable candidates for the top academic post at the university.

Meanwhile, the administrative functions on the campus have been stopped with no one ready to take responsibility for anything. All official work remains...

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