Uncontrollable fallout.

Indian Muslims have roundly condemned the murder of a Hindu tailor who supported a former BJP spokeswoman who had committed blasphemy. The gruesome attack by two Muslim men was videotaped and shared by extremists and 'fans' of violence. However, while the incident has given more fuel to Hindutva extremists to cast a negative light on all Muslims, several notable Muslims, including frequent Hindutva targets, have condemned the attack and called for punishing the accused men, while also urging calm among those still protesting over the blasphemous comments that started it all.

But that has not stopped BJP from continuing its policy of shooting the messenger, with the pro-BJP 'Godi' media now blaming a leading journalist for instigating the attack. Mohammed Zubair, the cofounder of respected Indian fact-checking website Alt News and one of the BJP's harshest critics, was arrested on blasphemy charges over a years-old tweet about how a hotel changed its image to reflect that of a Hindu god. He was not provided a warning or prior notice as is required for social media-related offences under Indian law.

Zubair, who is among those credited...

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