Unable To Handle Climate Disaster, Pakistan Calls For More Aid.

Ahsan Iqbal says country is facing 'a massive climatic disaster' n Asks international community to 'help Pakistan in this hour of need'n Major General Babar Iftikhar says Armed Forces will not leave people alone in this difficult time n Army flood relief fund receives Rs417m n Peoples trust is the asset of Pakistan Army: DG ISPR n Calamity has so far killed 1265 people and injured more than 1200: NDMA n Foreign Office says 30 flights with relief goods from friendly countries arrived in Pakistan so far.

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Planning and DevelopAment Ahsan Iqbal SatAurday said that the govAernment will leave no stone unturned to bring normalcy back in the lives of flood affected people of the country.

While briefing media persons at the NationAal Flood Response and Coordination Centre, he also made a fervent apApeal to the internationAal community, counAtrymen and expatriate Pakistanis to help PakiAstan in this hour of need.

The minister said that the country did not have the resourcAes to deal with the unAprecedented crisis. The flooding is the worst climate-induced disasAter in recent world hisAtory, he said.

Ahsan Iqbal said PakiAstan is facing a massive climatic disaster and human tragedy, which is an outcome of enviAronmental degradation. He pointed out that PaAkistan's carbon emisAsions are less than one percent but it is the sevAenth most vulnerable country for climatic diAsaster. He said the scale of devastation warrants a major humanitariAan response for thirAty-three million people affected by the floods.

He said the governAment or any institution cannot single handedAly overcome this tragAedy. He said the enAtire nation will have to get united to steer the country out of this chalAlenge. Ahsan Iqbal also briefed the media about the rehabilitation of critical infrastructure of roads, power and telecommunication.


While giving the latest upAdates, Chairman NDMA LieuAtenant General Akhtar Nawaz said the calamity has so far killed 1265 people and injured more than 1200.

He said rescue and relief opAeration is continuing in flood affected areas. He said we have provided four hundred and twenty thousand tents and keeping in view the heavy deAmand of tents, an effort has been made to build the capacity of tent manufacturing. He said fifty-seven thousand and four hundred food packages have been distributed amongst the flood victims.

The Chairman NDMA said there has been a good internaAtional response to...

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