UK General Elections.


The United Kingdom's general elections on Thursday stand to determine the fate of the country, the region and global politics for years to come. Conservatives know that anything less than a majority will be a death blow for Prime Minister Boris Johnson's proposed deal for Brexit. The party had a slim lead over its opponents in polls right before the election, but as previous occasions have shown, opinion polls do not always end up being accurate. Conservatives might just get their slim majority, or even a big win depending on which experts one consults. Out of a total 650 MP seats, Johnson's party needs at least 321 seats to follow through on its plan to leave the European Union with the deal he has set up.

Another likely possibility at this stage, with politics in the UK painting an uncertain picture, is that there is a hung parliament, with no party winning a clear majority. In that case the only option left to PM Johnson would be forming a minority government with other parties in a coalition. But considering that the Conservatives and the Prime Minister do not have many friends left in opposition parties, this might prove to...

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