U.uranchimeg: Why Should I Pretend to Be Liked By Others?

Trans. by B.DULGUUN

State Honored Actress U.Uranchimeg has over 22 years of experience in the film and theater industry. She has become one of the most influential female actresses in Mongolia, portraying dozens of critical roles in films, as well as plays and musicals.

Her latest productions include movies such as "Zerleg Tsetsegsiin Khulemj" and "Zurkheer Naadagch". Her portrayal of Tsooyo, a pitiful character who's lost her humanity and drowning in alcohol, in "Zerleg Tsetsegsiin Khulemj" still lingers in the hearts of audiences.

The following is an interview with actress U.Uranchimeg, President of Khuvsal (Evolution) Production, about the "real" U.Uranchimeg.

When were you able to create the current "you"?

Actually, I think that it takes a long time before people find their true selves. Special people who are sensitive may find themselves early. A person will need to completely understand themselves first. Before understanding others, it's important to fully organize and know yourself. Reaching this stage is probably quite rare. I've given many interviews. I had a hobby of collecting all those articles. I sometimes find some very embarrassing things. The way of thinking about something today, talking about it tomorrow, and reconsidering it in three to six years, is completely different. So finding your "you" requires extensive amount of time. Especially artists have to come up with new, interesting and up-to-date ideas. Opinions have to be new to work consistently to the flow of time. My friend tells me that art is never achieved with young age and experience, but completed with sensitivity. You can never know how the perspectives on currently discussed topics will change after many years.g

You said that you had red cheeks, and were extremely shy and weighed 73 kg when you were young. This description is quite unimaginable compared to your current image. Now, the way you carry yourself and your outer appearance makes you look younger. Is there a secret to your image?

Many have told me that I look younger than my age. Still, I'm not flattered by it. There are tons of people managing themselves better than me. There are ladies in their 50s who developed their bodies like athletes. The identification as an "artist" and my public appearance may have influenced. Apart from that, I'm not that special.

I consider my looks and personality to be inherited from particularly my father, who's very productive, hardworking, skinny, and dark skinned...

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