'Truth will triumph' Benazir Bhutto.


Byline: Barrister Mian Aamir Hassan

My brothers, sisters. Bilawals,

Bakhtawars and Asifas of Pakistan,

Assalam o Alaikum,

You the Pakistani people have been my first and last love since

the day first:

When the world was still to be born

When Adam was still to

receive his form

Then my relationship began

When I heard the Lord's voice

A voice sweet and clear

I said 'yes' with all my heart

And formed a bond ....

My bond with the people of Pakistan is based on the blood of a martyr-- none other but my father Zulifqar Ali Bhutto. I followed suit and I was forced to leave this world from Liaqat Bagh, Rawalpindi by the forces of evil on 27 December 2007. After 12 years, my son Bilawal is all set to reconnect the broken link right from the same place with the same passion and commitment. You know Liaqat Bagh is at a stone's throw from Bilawal House, Islamabad but my son took 12 years in this journey no doubt a pilgrimage of ideology based on truth and patience. The crime we are blamed to commit is nothing but to grant all powers to people, the essence of our mission i.e. Bhuttoism.

After that, I struck another bond with myself to serve the Pakistani people even at the cost of my life like my father. How much I have kept my word to God and the people, what on earth can bear witness after God if not Pakistani people.

No doubt, nobody wishes to return to earth except the martyred, the one who is familiar with the reward of martyrdom. Sila e shaheed kiya hy tab o tab e javedana (The reward of a martyred is nothing but eternity).

Had I been given thousands lives, I would have no qualms to sacrifice all for my people. But there is no rehearsal of life. We the people are sent to play our part. So did I like my elders. However, the mission to serve the people by providing them with freedom, honour, employment, prosperity, education and health facilities is yet to be accomplished. Don't worry; my son is there to start from the point where I left. On the eve of my 12th death anniversary at a time when Pakistan is again in the international spotlight. The terrorists who used the name of Islam to threaten its stability were defeated by Pak Army under the PPP government as the democratic forces believed terrorism could be eliminated by promoting principles of freedom.

On 17 August, 2018, Bilawal's maiden speech in parliament made my day here and showed the glimpses of his art of doing politics in the days to come. Being a youngest parliamentarian, he mesmerized...

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