A Trustee Prime Minister.

The crisis spurred on by the Chief Minister elections in the Punjab Assembly on Friday has entered its second day of the saga, as the chaos continues. The PTI coalition with PML-Q, outraged by the developments during the Punjab Assembly session, called for Supreme Court proceedings to adjudicate on the legality of the Deputy Speaker's decision of rejecting the votes of the PML-Q for the candidate Pervez Elahi.

If the PTI and Pervez Elahi had expected that the court would decide in mere hours and they would have a decision by the weekend, they were mistaken. This is a highly complicated matter, and as the current situation shows, Supreme Court verdicts on parliamentary matters must require careful and proper deliberation. This situation would not have arisen had contradictory precedents not been set. The court, after holding emergency sessions on Saturday, has said that Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz will work as a trustee till Monday, until the court issues a verdict on the question of legality of the chief minister election.

The good aspect of this temporary order is that the...

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