Trickle-up effect for South Punjab.


Whenever it's about positioning a brand or a product, easiest of all the strategies is to make the best use of trickle-down effect. From smoking cigarettes to clothing brands, the big market players position it as a luxury or an item for elite. Middle class and the lower class who can't afford these luxuries actually go beyond their purchasing power to adopt that habit or purchase that item without thinking about the consequences. The ever-increasing number of vehicles on the road, and daily deals on installment plans for luxury vehicles including local and imported ones both, is actually an art of selling you the items you can actually live without. This artificial up gradation of social life and plight of a person in Pakistan do not reflect the true picture of household economies. But unfortunately, that's how clothing brands, cell phone companies and banks influenced the market and potential customers. Similarly, provincial government in Punjab and its governance model revolved around the same trickle-down effect which was all about pepping up the privileged cities during the last decade. Although it worked fine with the privileged districts in Punjab but the development didn't make its way down to the downtrodden communities. Even this trickle-down effect lost its significance when it failed to pave way for prosperity to enrich the marginalized districts.

On the other hand, Buzdar's way of maneuvering and steering the governance vehicle out of crisis was totally different as compared to those who ruled the province for a decade. It took a year for critics to understand the governance dynamics set by CM Buzdar, which is actually a normal period for any new face who takes the reins once the constitutional tenure of a political government is expired.

Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar is applying trickle-up effect, to start developing the region which was earlier ignored, unattended and downtrodden. Despite of all the political instability, the people of South Punjab shall not only see their part of the province developing but they shall actually be given their due share with ring-fencing of development budget and the setup of South Punjab secretariat soon, that too in Buzdar's tenure. Since day-one, Usman Buzdar's key focus has been to bring districts of Southern Punjab at par with the other developed cities while maintaining an effective governance model in these modern cities.

His core idea revolves around preparing and pepping...

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