'Trees won't be found in Chitral after 30 years.


CHITRAL -- If people continued to use wood as fuel with the same proportion and they are not provided alternate fuel then trees will not be visible in Chitral even through a telescope after 30 years. This was stated by Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Shaukat Fayyaz Khattak while talking to local news paper on Saturday. He said Chitral currently needs 4,186,000 maunds wood annually, but production is too low than the requirement.

The DFO said when people don't find fuel wood then they even don't hesitate to use the precious Deodar wood for fuel. He said 550,000 feet Deodar is produced in ten years as it grows very slowly. Shaukat Fayyaz said he has proposed in response to complaints on Citizen Portal about the fuel situation that alternative means of fuel should be provided to protect forests which include gas and electricity on cheaper rates.

He said people must be provided free of cost, or at least subsidized, electricity from Golian power house so that they...

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