Transfer and posting orders of 6 high rank officials.

LAHORE -- Six high rank bureaucrates from grade 17 to 20 exchange placeAments in Punjab province, as the provincial government has issued transfer and posting orAders of 6 high rank officials here on Tuesday.

According to the official notifiAcation, Principal Medical Officer Muhammad Ilyas BS-20, presAently posted as Director Health Services Gujranwala Division has been transferred and posted as Director Health Services PunAjab against a vacant post with immediate effect.

Associate Professor for PolitiAcal Science, Syed Ashfaq Hussain Bokhari BS-19 has been transAferred and his services has been place at Women Development Department Punjab, for further adjustment as Deputy Director in Directorate of Women DevelAopment Punjab,on a vacant post. The post of Deputy Director, Directorate of Women DevelopAment will remain upgraded from BS-18 to BS-19 as personal to Syed Ashfaq Hussain Bokhari BS-19 as long as it is held by him.

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