Training of children at school level averts negative tendencies: minister.

LAHORE -- A declamation contest was organised on the topic of 'Social and Emotional Well: being of Students in Schools', under the ausApices of PMI Unit of Education Department Punjab. RepresentaAtives of UNICEF and private schools, legal experts and governAment officers participated in the debate. Provincial Education Minister Mansoor Qadir participated in the declamation contest as the chief guest. The provincial minister, while winding up the debate, said that the training of children was imperative at the school level in order to avert negative tendencies prevailing in society. Mansoor Qadir stated that the school period plays the most pivotal role in the formation of social and emotional attiAtude of the children. The teachers, parents, media, friends circle of male and female students ascertain their social and emotional attitude.

The minister stated that for the first time such a sensiAtive topic...

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