Train fares jacked up by 5%.

LAHORE -- The Pakistan Railways (PR) has jacked up train fares by 5% after a sharp increase in the prices of petroleum products adding to the woes of the common person for whom it was a relatively cheap mode of transportation.

Its administration has increased the fares of all mail express, passenger, and inter-city trains.

Parcel and baggage rates have also been increased by 5%.

The new rates will come into effect from Saturday (today).

In a notification signed by PR Deputy Chief Marketing Manager Zeeshan Shahzad, divisional superintendents across the country have been directed to implement the new fares from the new date.

'If any discrepancy is observed by the concerned station/commercial staff, it must be reported to the office of CMM [chief marketing manager] as well as Director [of] IT [information technology] through [the] concerned DCOs [divisional commercial officers] within 7 days,' it read.

'In case of non-reporting of any discrepancy, changes made therein will attain finality automatically,' the notification added.

The train fares have been increased for the second time in the last 16 days.

On Aug 16, the fares of passenger and freight trains were increased by 10% and 5%, respectively.

It has been learnt that because of the hike in the prices of petroleum products, the PR, which was already suffering from a loss of billions of rupees, had come under more burden.

With the prices of high-speed diesel (HSD) going up by Rs18.44 to Rs311.84 per litre, an extra burden of billions of rupees has fallen on...

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