Traffic plan for four-day defence exhibition in Karachi announced.

The Karachi traffic police has shared a traffic plan that is to be followed from Nov 15 to 18 by all public, commercial and private vehicles during the four days of the 11th International Defence Exhibition and seminar IDEAS-2022, which will be held at the Karachi Expo Centre, it emerged on Monday.

In a press release, the Karachi Traffic Police said both tracks of the Sir Shah Suleman Road will be closed from 7am to 6pm during the exhibition hours on all four days. 'Only vehicles with stickers will be allowed to pass through the Karsaz HIR Road under the Stadium Flyover and off to the Expo Centre.'

'No commercial/heavy vehicle will be permitted from Karsaz, HIR Road to the Stadium,' it said.

People attending the exhibition will be allowed to park their vehicles at the Expo Center, National Coaching Center, and the National Stadium. 'Only sticker-bearing vehicles will be allowed to park in these places.'

The press release added that parking won't be allowed at Sir Shah Suleman Road, Stadium Road, University Road, or any other nearby areas.

Meanwhile, people living near the Expo Centre have been advised to take alternative routes as the route from Sir Shah Suleman Road to the Stadium will be closed for traffic.

Heavy traffic coming from Sharae Faisal towards Sir Shah Suleman Road will be diverted to Karsaz, Drigh Road on the left towards Rashid Minhas Road, Millennium and onwards.

Similarly, vehicles coming from the airport will use...

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