Traditional TV channels Reliability decreased by social media News Feeds.


Byline: Hamsha Hameed

People intention toward social media news feeds is increased than traditional TV channel news people preferto use theirsocialmedia web pages to know the situation of the country based on current happenings. Mostly students and some of the job person are the target audience of this medium. The students from different University are now addicted to checking their social media sites notifications daily. Different researches also had been taken about the social media addiction of teenagers and adult people. The main reason was the people lacking knowledge towards TV channel as this was the main source of spreading information. In 1997 century TV impact like a magic bullet in our society to change people mind thoughts. In past decades different political leader and government use it to get public attention and to win campaign in elections.

The world is converging fastly towards modern technology so people were also a part of this. Most people share their views and basic reason to used social media rather than TV. Another reason is that they believe the world is now converted into a global village where we all are connected through social media.People haven't time in a whole day to wait and sit in front oftheTV and waitfortheirfavourite program will on air.They just log in with their account and watch what they want to see with all different verities and taste. Most people thought that the news which shares on their profile is credible because it comesfrom theirsocial circle and relative circumstances. Social media has been ingrained in our society. In this Era, it is impossible to take seriously if you are not using any social media platforms.

In this global village, everyone is on social media whether old, young or newly growing teenagers.Our corporate sector has also become too much active, they upload all new and previous item details and quick reply service for their wide customer services through online social media platforms. There are so many social media sites which are used for getting chunk audience for fastest quick publicity and goods or bad feedback improvisation for your company product. In this context, some most famous social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

As the popularity of social media keeps growing day by day there have been mixed feelings about these networks and how they impact the youth? This way people will live like a village that if you are living in any part of earth...

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