UK Intellectual Property Office grants trade mark 'William Campbell-Taylor' to William Campbell-Taylor


London: William Campbell-Taylor, has been granted trademark (UK00003051671) titled as "William Campbell-Taylor" from the UK Intellectual Property Office.Status: RegisteredClass/es: Class 36Accident insurance;Accident insurance underwriting;Accident insurance underwriting services;Accommodation bureaux [apartments];Accommodation bureaux (real estate property);Accommodation (leasing of-);Accommodation (leasing of-) [apartments];Accommodation letting agency;Accommodation letting agency [apartments];Accommodation (rental of-) [apartments];Account debiting services;Accounts payable debiting services;Accounts receivables financing;Acquisition and transfer of monetary claims;Acquisition for financial investment;Acquisition of land to be let;Actuarial services;Actuarial services relating to financial transactions;Administration of capital investment services;Administration of deposit taking;Administration of employee benefit plans;Administration of employee pension plans;Administration of employee welfare benefit plans;Administration of financial affairs;Administration of financial affairs relating to real estate;Administration of financial covenants;Administration of fund investment;Administration of funds and investments;Administration of group insurance;Administration of group insurance plans;Administration of insurance business;Administration of insurance claims;Administration of insurance claims adjustment;Administration of insurance plans;Administration of insurance portfolios;Administration of investment funds;Administration of investments;Administration of mortgage business;Administration of mutual funds;Administration of patient reimbursement programs;Administration of pension funds;Administration of pension schemes;Administration of pre-paid health care plans;Administration of property portfolios;Administration of savings accounts;Administration of shares;Administration of trusts;Administrative services relating to investments;Advancement of funds;Advice on finance during retirement;Advice on finance for retirement;Advice regarding credit;Advice regarding lending services;Advice relating to insurance;Advice relating to investment during retirement;Advice relating to investment for retirement;Advice relating to investments;Advice relating to loan recovery services;Advice relating to mortgages for residential properties;Advice relating to pensions;Advice services relating to enhancement of mortgages;Advisory services relating to banking;Advisory services relating to corporate finance;Advisory services relating to credit;Advisory services relating to credit and debit control, investment, grants and financing of loans;Advisory services relating to finance;Advisory services relating to financial investment;Advisory services relating to financial matters;Advisory services relating to financial planning;Advisory services relating to [financial] risk management;Advisory services relating to financing;Advisory services relating to futures;Advisory services relating to insurance;Advisory services relating to insurance claims;Advisory services relating to insurance contracts;Advisory services relating to international securities;Advisory services relating to investment finance;Advisory services relating to investments;Advisory services relating to life insurance;Advisory services relating to loan services;Advisory services relating to money management;Advisory services relating to mortgages;Advisory services relating to mutual funds;Advisory services relating to real estate ownership;Advisory services relating to real estate valuations;Advisory services relating to taxation;Advisory services relating to unit trusts;Agencies for brokerage of securities trading in overseas securities markets and of transactions on commission of overseas market securities futures;Agencies for commodity futures trading;Agencies in the field of bonds and other securities;Agencies in the field of credit for farming;Agencies or brokerage for leasing or renting of land;Agencies or brokerage for renting land;Agencies or brokerage for renting of buildings;Agencies or brokerage for trading of securities, securities index futures, securities options, and overseas market securities futures;Agency (estate -);Agency services for arranging travel insurance;Agency services for bonds;Agency services for lending on mortgage;Agency services for securities;Agency services for the leasing of real estate property;Agency services for the selling on commission of real property;Analysis (financial-);Analysis (Financial -);Annuity services;Annuity underwriting;Antique appraisal;Antique appraisal services [valuation];Apartment and office rentals;Apartment house management;Apartment house management leasing;Apartment letting agency;Apartment locating services for others [permanent accommodation];Apartment rental services;Apartments (arranging letting of -);Apartments (letting of -);Apartments (Renting of -);Appraisal and evaluation of real estate;Appraisal (antique-);Appraisal (Antique -);Appraisal (art-);Appraisal (Art -);Appraisal (Jewellery [jewelry (Am.)] -);Appraisal (numismatic-);Appraisal (Numismatic -);Appraisal of real estate;Appraisal (real estate-);Appraisal (Real estate -);Appraisal (stamp-);Appraisal (Stamp -);Appraisals (financial -);Appraisals for insurance claims of personal property;Appraisals for insurance claims of real estate;Appraisals for insurance purposes;Appraisals [valuation] of antique;Appraisals [valuation] of jewellery;Appraisals [valuation] of stamps;Arrangement of loans;Arrangement of loans against securities;Arranging and providing of loans against security;Arranging and provision of credit, loans, insurance, currency exchange and travellers cheques;Arranging charitable collections [for others];Arranging credit;Arranging finance for businesses;Arranging finance for construction projects;Arranging financial transactions;Arranging for financing of insurance premiums;Arranging instalment loans;Arranging insurance;Arranging investments, in particular capital investments, financing services and insurance;Arranging leases for the rental of property;Arranging letting of real estate;Arranging loans;Arranging loans against security;Arranging monetary transfers;Arranging of annuities;Arranging of credit;Arranging of credit arrangements;Arranging of credit insurance;Arranging of finance;Arranging of funds for overseas aid projects;Arranging of insurance;Arranging of insurance claims assessment;Arranging of investments;Arranging of lease agreements;Arranging of leases and rental agreements for real estate;Arranging of leases for the rental of commercial property;Arranging of leases of real estate;Arranging of life insurance;Arranging of loan agreements;Arranging of loan agreements in relation to mortgage bonds;Arranging of loan agreements in relation to securities;Arranging of loan agreements secured on real estate;Arranging of loans;Arranging of loans against security;Arranging of loans for securing funds for others;Arranging of mortgages;Arranging of overdrafts;Arranging of personal loans;Arranging of shared ownership of real estate;Arranging of time share exchanges;Arranging of time share holidays;Arranging of travel insurance;Arranging the collection of customs duties;Arranging the finance for home loans;Arranging the hire purchase of goods;Arranging the payment of customs duties;Arranging the provision of finance;Arranging the provision of finance for construction operations;Arranging the provision of finance for real estate purchase;Arranging the provision of finance to pay medical expenses;Arranging the provision of trade credit;Arranging the return of customs duties;Arranging the sale of loans;Art appraisal;Art work valuations [appraisals];Assessing and processing insurance claims;Assessing insurance claims;Assessment and management of real estate;Asset allocation;Asset evaluation [financial];Asset management;Asset management services;Asset-based financing;Assisting in the acquisition of and interests in real estate;Assisting in the acquisition of real estate;Assurance;Assurance brokerage;Assurance (life-);Assurance services;Assurance underwriting;ATM banking services;Auto financing services;Automated banking services;Automated banking services relating to charge card transactions;Automated banking services relating to credit card transactions;Automated clearing house services;Automated funds transfer services;Automated payment of accounts;Automated payment services;Automated securities brokerage;Automated teller machine services;Automated telling machine rental;Automated telling machine services;Automatic accounting services for financial transactions;Automatic banking services for change giving;Automatic cash dispensing;Automatic cash dispensing services;Automatic recording services for financial transactions;Automatic teller machine services;Automobile lease financing;Automobile lease-purchase financing;Aviation insurance;Aviation underwriting services;Bail bond services;Bail bonding;Bail bonding services;Bail-bonding;Bailiff services (debt collection);Bank account and savings account services;Bank account information services;Bank account services;Bank card, credit card, debit card and electronic payment card services;Bank card services;Bank cheque card services;Bank note checking;Bankers clearing house services;Bankers' clearing services;Banking;Banking and financing services;Banking, financial and insurance services;Banking (home-);Banking (Home -);Banking insurance;Banking services;Banking services for deposit taking;Banking services for deposit-taking;Banking services in relation to the electronic transfer of funds;Banking services provided for paying bills by telephone;Banking services provided for schools;Banking services relating to the transfer of funds from accounts;Banking services relating to travellers' cheques;Benevolent fund services;Bill consolidation services;Bill payment services;Bill payment services provided...

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