A tourist spot 'Tongshogor' a picturesque bounty of nature.

Chitral -- A Tourist Place of Chitral Garam Chashma (Hot Spring) "Tongshugur" of Bhisti Valley in lower Chitral is one such tourist place and a charming place situated at an altitude of 16000 feet above sea level.

According to a report, a tourist spot "Tongshogor" was founded by the local tourists of Chitral, there is less oxygen and the route is very difficult, due to which tourists and the media teams are facing serious difficulties.

He said this scenic tourist spot was still unexplored and no one of the media had arrived here for its coverage before our team. When our team reached here, the people of the area welcomed them warmly with great joy.

Giving the details of the tourist spot, he said this eye-catching place is located at an altitude of 16000 feet above sea level while there is greenery and wildflowers everywhere.

Very cold and clean water comes out from the foothills of the mountains, while this water flows in a circle like a snake, so this meandering canal adds to the beauty of the area.

He said that the mountains are covered with snow which presents a very attractive look and Tirich Mir Mountain looks like a small mound from here.

Here in this field, there are medicinal plants like onion that grow naturally and also taste like onion, while this onion-like herb was used as medicine in past.

According to the local people, 'Tongshogor' was...

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