Torrential rains cause massive destruction in Kachho arid zone.

KARACHI: The recent floods and heavy rains have massively affected the area of Kachho arid zone from Qamber Shahdakot to Dadu District. Specially, the area of Kachho in the boundaries of Taluka Johi, Dadu District has been completely sunk into flood due to the over flow of mighty rainy river Gaaj, Nai Nalli, Nai Kukrani, Nai Khandhani, Nai Angee, Nai Naig and other hill torrents flowing from Kirthar Range. Mostly, the villages in UCs of Taluka Johi from Torr to Tando Rahim Khan are badly affected by the heay flood in Kachho. More than four people have lost their lives during flood. Livestock of people have flown in recent floods as well. All the crumbled houses have become the heap of mud. People are glancing at help under open sky.

On other hand, the heay rains and floods have damaged the historical and archaeological sites of Kachho in vicinity of Johi Taluka of Dadu District. The sites of Indus Valley Civilization and Chalcilithic period at Wahi Pandhi alias Kotero Daro, Ali Murad Shahani Daro, Gazi Shah Daro alias Marikhar Daro and Pir Lakhoi are surrounded by flood water which are under threat. Renowned archaeologist and historian professor Dr Aziz Kingrani said that Ghazi Shah Mound is 6000 years old archaeological site of Sindh, Pakistan which needs protection from time to time flood threats. N. G Majumdar has explored the signs of Mohenjo Daro civilization from Ghazi Shah Mound, Ali Murad, Wahi Pandhi. Site of Pir Lakho or Lakhio had been considered as second station of Mohenjo Daro by Majumdar, Kingrani added.

As well as the royal necropolis of Mir Allahyar Khan Talpur, Muridani Jamali graveyard, graveyard of Haji Khan Laghari alias Qalanderani Laghari cemetery, graveyard of Araro...

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