Tobacco tax imperative to protect our generations.

Deadly products of tobacco industry are killing present and future of Pakistani Children. Government must ensure that children remain protected from these products. These views were shared by the speakers during an event organized by the Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC) to celebrate World No Tobacco Day 2023.

Dr. Shazia Sobia Aslam Soomro, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of National Health Services Regulations and Coordination, said that the 61 million of youth is an asset for Pakistan but the addictive and dangerous tobacco products are a threat for our present and future. The government recently increased the tax on tobacco products so that they go beyond the purchasing power of youth.

She further added that approximately 1200 children beginning smoking daily and 170,000 people dying due to tobacco induced diseases every year. We can't let young lives suffer at any cost. Youth must thrive and for that increasing tobacco prices to keep it away from children's reach is imperative.

Dr. Nisar Ahmed Cheema, MNA and Member Standing Committee Health, talked about the theme of World No Tobacco Day 2023 - We Need Food, Not Tobacco. He said that due to inflation the children and youth of Pakistan are facing severe issues in meeting their educational, nutritional, and recreational requirements. Hence government's decision to increase tobacco prices should be welcomed and supported by all.

Dr. Samina Matloob, Member, Standing Committee, National Assembly of Pakistan for National Health Services Regulations and Coordination, said Pakistani youth is bombarded with sales and advertisement of tobacco products. Homes, Educational Institutions, Recreational spaces, these products are very where. It is our collectively responsibility to protect our children and youth from these products.

Dr. Ziauddin Islam, Former Technical Head, Tobacco Control Cell, Ministry of Health, tobacco...

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