Timber mafia targets wildberry trees in Khyber.

KHYBER -- Unidentified persons unlawfully chopped down a large number of wild berry trees along with other species in the mountainous region of Zakhakhel area in Landi Kotal as demand for firewood increased with a sharp decline in temperature during the last two weeks.

The residents of Mazreena, Shpayla and Tatara localities informed the local forest officials about the ruthless cutting of the wild natural forest. They alleged that an organised timber mafia was involved in the illegal cutting of the natural forest.

Firewood dealers in Landi Kotal bazaar also confirmed purchase of chopped berry trees but they refused to disclose the identity of the sellers.

Locals alleged that no action was taken against the people involved in the crime though several complaints were lodged with the local administration, police and officials of forest department.

Forest officials acknowledged the damage caused to the local forest, however, they...

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