Those who deprived MQM of opportunities were to accept defeat: Siddiqui.

MQM Pakistan's convener, Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, said that those who oppressed and deprived MQM of education and employment opportunities were now left with no choice but to accept their defeat.

Addressing the All Sindh Officers Welfare Association convention, he stated that MQM was like the Noah's Ark for refugees and its survival depends on whether they work together to save their homes or their neighborhoods.

Siddiqui stressed the need for both a census and demographic analysis and questioned the state's inability to properly count its people. He also emphasised the importance of education and national identity and urged educated people not to hide their identities.

Siddiqui highlighted the injustice faced by the MQM workers and pointed out the responsibility of the movement is not just to provide rights but also to create a sense of identification. He...

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