Those organising press conferences will turn next election into selection, says Rashid.

RAWALPINDI -- Awami Muslim League chief and former federal interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said those who organise press conferences by twisting arms will turn the next election into a selection.

In a tweet on Friday, he suggested that the Islamabad Press Club should be declared a sub-jail for those holding press conferences to make it easy for journalists. The world would not accept next elections nor would anyone help Pakistan financially, he said.

Sheikh Rashid suggested to put the constitution and law in the cold storage until the government finished all its cases and the fugitive criminals were there.

"The PDM has no idea of the disgrace and infamy [it is getting]," he added. The former minister predicted a PML-N faceoff with the PPP which will benefit the latter.

He said the (Supreme Court) Practice and Procedure Bill had been sent back...

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