The SDS program of Canada.

Author:Batada, Imran
Position:Student Direct Stream

Byline: Imran Batada

The world has indeed become a Global Village. Physical boundaries now carry little significance. This was first propounded by Canadian Media Theorist, Marshal McLuhan. According to him, today's world has become more interconnected due to new media technologies. This seems to be true as we can easily evidence ever-increasing mutual trade between countries at different levels. One side of this inter-connectivity across different nations is the increasing trend of studying abroad.

Pakistan is also not behind in following this trend. One can easily find the presence of Pakistanis in the universities across the USA, Europe, and Australia. According to a study, more than 10,000 Pakistani students get study visas to study abroad on an annual basis. Among others, Canada is an attractive option for Pakistani students to pursue education.

There are five main reasons which attract students from abroad to choose Canada for studies. Firstly, the country resides several universities which are internationally recognized for the highest standard of education they offer and state-of-the-art facilities. According to the QS World University Rankings 2020, University of Toronto secured 29th position, McGill University secured 35th, while University of British Colombia secured 51st position. University of Alberta, University of Montreal, and McMaster University were also successful in being at top 150 universities around the globe. Secondly, the two major languages being spoken in Canada are English and French. This means students having a fair level of linguistic skills in English language can easily survive in Canada.

Furthermore, Canada is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse countries in the world. This can be gauged by the fact that over half of the population of Canada are non-native speakers of the English language. Canada also ensures decent and secure lifestyle to its residents. Last but not the least, Canadian universities focus a lot of research experiments. Making a long story short, all these factors make the whole educational experience for students full of innovation and forward thinking.

All these aspects of studying in Canada attract student from all over the globe. And Pakistan is no different. Pakistani students have been pursuing their education in Canada for a long ago. However, the process of getting approved to do so has never been as easy as it has become now due to the recent announcement from the...

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