The role of parliament and accountability.

Byline: Senator Rehman Malik

How can national institutions and parliaments play an active role in enforcing the rule of law and improving governance; this is an important question in the mind of every sane person. The people of Pakistan are worried because our beloved country is going through the worst crises and the nation is witnessing political polarisation and poor governance within the institutions.

The parliament will be remembered as a rubber stamp because it has hardly taken any step for the betterment of the common man till date. The state is in a state of 'complete confusion' and the country is losing its direction without the right policies.

The national future is in the hands of the IMF, and statements by several incoming ministers are on record that the government is helpless before the West, including the powerful IMF and the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

The country is governed on a daily basis without any solid long-term policies. The state has completely failed to protect the rights of the common man, the crises are increasing with each passing day.

A common man has been waiting for some relief for a long time but every incoming government has not been able to fulfil even the slightest hope of the common man. With the continuous rise in inflation, the difficulties of the common man are increasing manifold.

The cries...

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