The purpose of Society.


Society is only meaningful if its purpose and ideals make sense in terms of the individual's purposes and ideals.

For the individual there is no society unless he has social status and function. There must be a definite functional relationship between individual life and group life. For the individual without function and status, society is irrational, incalculable, and shapeless. The "rootless" individual, the outcast - for absence of social function and status casts a man from the society of his fellows - sees no society.

He sees only demoniac forces, half sensible, half meaningless, half in light and half in darkness, but never predictable. They decide about his life and his livelihood without the possibility of interference on his part, indeed without the possibility of his understanding them. He is like a blindfolded man in a strange room playing game of which he does not know the rules.

ACTION POINT: Make time to reach out to a "rootless" person who may be unemployed or retired. Drop them a note of support or take them out to lunch.

If you live for having it all, what you have is never enough.

Vicki Robin

Do not compromise on the quality and your customers will not negotiate on the price.

Amit Kalantri

I spent my time drinking and staring at a television in the airport bar. More death and destruction. Crime. Pollution. All the news stories were telling me to be frightened. All the commercials were telling me to buy things I didnA't need. The message was that people could only be passive victims or consumers.

John Twelve Hawks

Get off the treadmill of consumption, replication, and mediocrity. Begin lifting the weights of creativity, originality, and success.

Ryan Lilly

"Here, in Lorrain's poisoned little jewel of a tale ("The Man Who Made Wax Heads") the consummate achievement of decadent art is caught in miniature. The genius of the artist entangles perpetrators and victims in a sticky web of perverse delights, in which exploitation becomes collusion, the ripples of guilt spread outward, and the real criminal slips away. In the end, responsibility is lodged firmly with the consumer, forced - he must confess - by his own perverse desires, to buy into the values of this particularly black market."

Jennifer Birkett

For an artist is not a consumer, as our commercials urge us to be. An artist is a nourisher and a creator who knows that during the act of creation there is collaboration. We do not create alone.

Madeleine L'Engle


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