'The most successful brands on TikTok are the ones that embrace the creativity and authenticity of the TikTok community'.

The Creator Portal is available in both English and Urdu and serves as an educational hub for existing and new content creators regarding the optimal use of TikTok's features, tools, tips and tricks. It is a one-stop resource that includes tutorial videos to help creators get started as well as dive deeper into modules such as storytelling, community building and creative effects.

It aims to fuel the creator economy and build a long term education stream for people joining the platform. Community building is key because we want to encourage people from diverse communities and skill sets to sign up as creators. Additionally, as a part of the Creator Portal, we will be launching a comprehensive module on TikTok's Community Guidelines, so that Pakistani content creators can develop a better understanding and abide by the guidelines creating content. This will not only help elevate the quality of the content, it will also ensure that TikTok remains a safe space where users come to share joy and express creativity.

ZC: There are five learning categories on the Creator Portal: Getting started on TikTok, TikTok creation essentials, TikTok foundations for success, TikTok content strategy, Community Guidelines and safety. What were the reasons for identifying these categories in particular?

T: Currently, these categories, also termed as learning modules, are designed to help establish a basic understanding of the platform, specifically for the Pakistan market. Multiple tutorial videos under these five categories will be launched on the platform on a weekly basis and they will cover some of the most frequently asked questions and provide key insights into how users can grow as content creators on TikTok. More modules are expected to launch in the future as the content ecology and creator knowledge in the region evolves.

ZC: What other countries is it available in?

T: Creator Portal has been launched in several key markets, including the US and MENA. There is no specific criteria for the portal to launch in a particular market. Given the pool of content creation in an emerging and quickly growing market like Pakistan this model was adopted and launched, with localized videos.

ZC: How are you creating awareness for the Creator Portal in Pakistan?

T: We announced the launch through local media and received an overwhelming response. The best part of the portal is that it is hosted in-app, can be accessed at any time, and is updated on a weekly basis. We...

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