Talk about the shallowness of trolls. Ever since Mathira has begun to look a little different (who looks the same all their lives anyway?), they have been after her, alleging she has had plastic surgery. Taking part in a podcast recently, the famous model and VJ said it was after she met with an accident in Dubai that pushed her to stay in bed for weeks, that she started to look different. As for those who are calling her fake, she has this to say to them, 'I'm not fake. You all have a fake personality.' Spot on, girl! They don't know: life ain't a fake walk.

Brother, Hair It Comes

Here's an interesting little story about brotherly love. Danyal Zafar, younger sibling of Ali Zafar, dyes his hair - burgundy. This unleashes a barrage of comments about his... wait for it... masculinity. Big brother notices the brouhaha on socials and jumps in to support the young lad. He writes, 'Yo Danyal, I will get upset with you if you cut your hair or dye [it] black.... Gotta kill these concepts of masculinity from [the] stone ages.' He doesn't stop there and advises him to dye the hair pink for the next shoot and have a 'fuchsia-coloured jacket' to go with it. Yo, Ali Z, nice colour scheme!

'Time To Fly'

They say Sunny Deol is pretty picky-choosy.

Unlike many other actors of his generation (say Anil Kapoor), he doesn't do more than a handful of films in two to three years. But it seems things have changed for him. For him, it's been 38 years in the industry as a performer. Talking to a journo, the angry, not-so-young-man of Bollywood has reportedly said, 'This is my time to fly and float as an actor and not struggle to keep an image alive.' Sunny D, never knew you had an 'image'.

The Return of Prem

All you Salman Khan fans who think that his Prem character in Sooraj Barjatya's films (Main Ne Pyar Kiya, Hum Aap Ke Hain Kaun) brings the best out of his acting talent (if that exists), well, guess what - the next Prem film is in the offing. At...

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