The future is now.

The times ahead are going to be overshadowed by artificial intelligence. Humans need to remain relevant in such times of digital dominance. We are living in the future - as predicted by authors and researchers during the 1970s to the 90s. We have flying cars and video calls, as shown in the animated sitcom, The Jetsons. We have hand-held communication devices as shown in Star Trek. Despite the presence of innovative technology, we need to use them in the most human way possible.

The youth in particular should create a future for themselves by using digital media. Students studying in intermediate / A-levels should have an idea of what their future should be. No matter if they want to become an engineer, doctor, pilot, or a scientist, they should create a presence on digital media. This presence should not be limited to creating a profile or a page. It should help them connect with relevant audiences. Imagine a student studying in class nine sharing insights on how to become a better presenter by uploading videos on YouTube. He/she can share examples and experiences. He/she will connect with children from the same age group and especially with those who face challenges when speaking in public. Just imagine the kind of engagement this person will create by helping others resolve their problem.

Such actions require foresight, vision, and passion. Parents and teachers, in particular, need to develop among children this sense and the ability to realize their potential. Unfortunately, we are living in the notion that one needs to complete studies and get a job and only then one will become a success. This cycle has been replaced by...

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