The city that it was.

THIS is with reference to the letter 'In bad shape' (Oct 28) which described the extremely poor civic conditions prevailing in the ancient city of Jhelum. It is quite disappointing for me, as I have wonderfully nostalgic memories of my birthplace, where we lived till 1957.

The house given to my father by his employers, the Pakistan Railways, had a huge orchard. It comprised a large variety of fruit trees, including pomelo (chakotra), which has now become extinct in Pakistan. It used to be a large-sized grapefruit, but red from the inside when ripe.

A creeper of white roses around a tall tree greeted the visitors at entrance through the wooden gate, which could be conveniently opened from the outside, as there were no security issues at the time.

The town has historic importance as the first encounter between Alexander the Great and Indian Raja Porus took place on the banks of Jhelum River in 326BC. Porus surrendered to Alexander despite his large army and 200 battle-trained elephants. When asked by Alexander how he wished to be treated, Porus famously replied, 'Treat...

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