Thank you for all the blood, sweat and tears, team Maula Jatt, this was epic: Adnan Malik.

If you haven't watched The Legend of Maula Jatt yet, you're one of the few Pakistanis who hasn't. It seems like everyone and their mother have travelled to the cinema to watch Pakistan's most expensive and likely most successful film ever. And that includes a number of fellow actors, like Adnan Malik who just posted a glowing review for the film on Instagram.

'Dair aye, durust aye! What an intense, fantastical and well integrated cultural event Maula Jatt is. Our first truly international, mainstream Pakistani film! A film that doesn't pander to an audience or dumb itself down, and stays true to the vision of the director,' he said.

'The screenplay seamlessly keeps pulling the punches. Gorgeous mis-en-scene with the locations, lighting, costume design, shot and production design.I loved the world building: creating a mythical Punjab outside the referencing of contemporary life. And the Shakespearean plot twists! Naseer Adeeb's pathos filled dialogues, lovely scenes of jugatbazi.'

He waxed poetic about the relationship between Daaro and Noori Natt, played by Humaima Malick and Hamza Ali Abbasi respectively and 'the strong feminist theme running through that arc.'

'And the philosophical warrior of Noori and the broody, wounded masculine of Maula were well-fleshed out characters! Incredible casting and playful cameos with many nods to the original film. (As well as Westerns, Gladiator and fantasy films),' he wrote.

'Bravo to everyone involved and for the auteur vision that tied this all together to create an incredible spectacle!'

But what is a review without some constructive criticism? 'Not a critique, but my personal desire would have been to see displays of a more...

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