TERRORISM TO TOURISM: Journey to catch high jumps of FDI in Balochistan.

Author:Aijaz, Urooj
Position:Balochistan, Pakistan aims to attract foreign direct investment via blue tourism

Byline: Urooj Aijaz

A nationwide campaign of Bahria University to promote country's blue economy

In recent years, policymakers have come to the conclusion that foreign direct investment (FDI) is needed to boost the growth in developing economies. It is claimed that FDI can create employment, increase technological development in the host country and improve the economic condition of the country in general, making investible funds available. FDI inflow to developing countries is assumed to produce externalities through technology transfer and spill-over effect which have a last longing effect on the economy. There are many benefits of FDI both to the host country and the home country as it adds direct capital financing into supplies and serve as a source of valuable technology and know-how to the host developing countries by fostering linkages with local firms.

FDI in Pakistan Oct 2018- Jul-2019

These investments and technological innovations play a central role in general to the economy and serves as a catalyst for the deprived areas in specific.

Pakistan is a victim of terrorism and has gone through the economic downturns from the past 10-12 years in which Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) provinces are under the threat of these activities for which provinces pay high price in the form of damaged infrastructure, poverty, worse system of education, uncertainty, low investment by local and no investment by foreign investors due to high risk, worse health conditions etc.

Balochistan the land of minerals and game changer is one of the largest provinces of Pakistan in terms of land area with vast roads and infrastructure indicating higher connectivity not only through roads but also has a port in the form of Gwadar a key pillar of China Pakistan Economic Corridor is one of the untapped resources of Pakistan need to be targeted and utilized by focusing inclusive economic growth, social justice, and protection of the environment and natural resources.

To achieve these objectives both programmes and projects with sustained efforts by the federal and provincial government of Balochistan need to focus by development of sustained educational policy followed by political stability and sustainability and focus on human development. For this purpose, only dialogue between citizens and public officials will enable both to fulfil their responsibilities towards sustainable development and ensure accountability and trust focused on the social...

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