Telecom Foundation to establish another school in Hyderabad.


KARACHI -- Federal Minister for Information and Technology Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui announced establishment of 13th school of Telecom Foundation in Hyderabad. He made this announcement today while addressing at the occasion of school function of Telecom Foundation School Karachi. Federal Minister offered Municipal Corporation Building premises to Telecom Foundation to establish new school in Hyderabad. After 17 years, Telecom Foundation is going to establish new school in Hyderabad. He advised the management of Telecom Foundation to introduce modern tools Of learning in the schools, especially computer literacy and Communication technology.

"We will increase the number of Telecom Foundation schools", he added. Minister also required for a detailed report on Karachi based school of Telecom Foundation. The report will be meticulously analysed to bring improvements in the...

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