Teacher in court.

He was a professor at the University of Rome. One afternoon he was returning from the university to home in his car and the road was empty. On his way, he committed a violation of traffic laws and a police officer came and fined him for it. Now, the penalty was to be deposited at any post office, but the payment could not be made. He received a notice from the court for not submitting the fine. Since he had no other option, he went to court. The judge was summoned and he started by stating that the teacher was fined and ordered to pay at the nearest post office, He asked why he was unable to pay? He stated, don't you feel like you're wasting the time of the police? He used a foreign card in his defence. The judge said, 'You speak well, what do you do?' Then he embarrassingly said that he is a teacher, a professor at the University of Rome. The judge immediately stood up and said, 'There is a teacher in the court'. Upon hearing these words, all the people in the court, including the faculty and police officers, stood up. Then the judge's style changed. The judge ordered to bring a chair apologised and cancelled the invoice. The person was Ashfaq Ahmad. He describes this story in his book Zavia. He said, 'On that day I learned the secret that the honour of the nations is the honour of the teacher.'

Punjab CM approves provision of gas to villages, industries

Let's look at some examples of other states. Finland is the leading country in education. The total population of the country is 5.53 million, but Finland ranks first in terms of education ranking while America is at number twenty. Any school in Finland has a maximum of 195 children and one teacher for 19 children. The world's longest break also takes place in Finland's schools. There are only 20 hours of teaching in a week, while teachers spend two hours per day in improving their skills. Being a teacher in Finland is more difficult and honourable than being a doctor and engineer. There is no school in the country for children before the age of seven and there is no test before the age of 15.

Take the example of Japan where children are taught morality...

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