Taliban get 'go-ahead' for short-term ceasefire.


KABUL -- Taliban leaders engaged in peace talks with the US in Qatari capital Doha have got a go-ahead from senior leaders to reduce violence and observe a ceasefire, reported ToloNews on Sunday, quoting sources close to the Taliba.

Three Taliban delegates visited Pakistan and met with their leaders and agreed to a reduction of violence and ceasefire, said the Afghan TV channel.

The delegation led by Mawlawi Shahabuddin Delawar, a Taliban senior leader based in Qatar, met with leaders and agreed to a 'short-term ceasefire' after an agreement is signed between the US and Taliban, according to the sources.

The US delegation in meetings with the Taliban in Qatar demanded a ceasefire and a reduction of violence before signing any agreement with the group.

'They went (to Pakistan) to consult with their elders about short-time ceasefire and it seems that the consultation was positive and overall it's possible to announce a ceasefire,' said Sayed Akbar Agha, a former Taliban commander.

The question now is whether the Taliban's military commanders' views are aligned with their leaders in Qatar.

'They (Taliban leaders) are our elders and are moving forward with consultations (among themselves) and we believe in them,' said Abubaker Marhaba, a Haqqani Network commander in Paktia.

'The peace will come with direct talks between the government of Afghanistan and Taliban. The Taliban should not ignore the current peace opportunity and it should respect the demands of the people for a ceasefire and a...

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